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Advantage Express Delivery Can I get a delivery outside of normal business hours, such as nights and weekends?
Absolutely! You can call our office 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You will be directed to a pager which will be sent to one of our experienced drivers who will insure proper and timely delivery of your items.

Can I set up a delivery today for a future date and time?
Yes you may! With our advanced technology, we can program your delivery days, or even weeks in advance.

Can you provide scheduled deliveries for my company?
We have numerous clients who count on us to manage their weekly scheduled deliveries. You can schedule them daily, weekly or monthly.

Do you keep records of my deliveries?
Yes. We keep detailed records of every delivery; computerized and hard copies. We can provide you with a verbal confirmation or a faxed/e-mail copy of the signature (POD) at any time